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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mystery Stole 2

My first ever participation in a knitalong is Melanie's Mystery Stole 2. I'm not even sure I'll wear a stole, but it looked like such fun, and I love doing lace, so I figured I'd check it out. I joined the KAL the day the first clue was posted, but I didn't have any suitable yarn so I couldn't start right away. I ordered some KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Moss (I love earthy colours) and 3.25mm Knitpicks circular needles (as the only circular needle I have in that size is currently being used for a triangular shawl, and although I have a box full of straight needles, I hate knitting on them).

I received the yarn and needles on Thursday, and promptly cast on for the stole. I've finished the first side of Clue 1. I figure I'll just do the first side for now, at least until I catch up to the group (Clue 3 was released yesterday). This is not a great picture - I'll try to get a better one when I have a bit more done on the stole.

One of the best tips I picked up from the discussions was marking the stockinette stitches in the chart to make it easier to see how many there are at a glance. Someone suggested to put a line through every 5 stitches, and dots in any less than 5. I followed this, but then also decided to used different coloured pens on each row
, so that it would be easier to stay on the right row. I've tried the method of putting a post-it note, or something similar, along the chart to mark the row you're working on, but it's never really worked well for me. I often have the chart on my knee, and whatever I use to mark the row always seems to fall off.

I used three different colours of pens - purple, green and orange (love my coloured pens!). The orange doesn't show up very well scanned, but it's fine on paper. This way, I can not only tell at a glance that I have, say 11 knit stitches to do on row 81, but as I go along, I know I'm on the purple row, so I'm less likely to accidently follow the chart for the row above or the row below.

I've put in lifelines (using dental floss). I haven't had to use them yet, and hopefully won't. But I know from past experience that not putting in lifelines periodically is a surefire way of ensuring that I'll screw up big time! So I take the extra few minutes to put them in. I'm not using stitch markers on this one though. I do when I have pattern repeats, but since this pattern doesn't, I find it easier to just make sure I haven't made a mistake by seeing where my YOs line up compared to the rows below. And on the return row, I follow the pattern to double check the row. This has worked for me so far.


Anonymous kathy in juneau said...

Hey Leanne,
Welcome to blog world. (I'm a novice myself)

I just logged on to comment at "Moth Heaven" and saw that you had left the exact remark I was thinking about. :-) I'm also working on my Level I swatches and (also) already looking ahead to Level II.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Leanne said...

Thanks for the welcome, and thanks for being my very first commenter :-).

12:30 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Hi Leanne:

I'm getting ready to celebrate 4 years of blogging, I started at the end of July 2002... shortly after I found someone elses' blog... (it was on blogger also, still have that one to point to my new blog page)...

Anyway wanted to comment on your marking system: I also use a color system, but not the same way you do & will try taking pics of mine when I'm done..

I use green to make the k2tog sts and pink to mark the skp sts... easier than remembering what the slashes mean!
I use a clip board and got some extra clips so the right chart can be on one side and the left on the other...whatever works for us is the way to go! :)

Your stole is looking wonderful... I'm almost done w/clue one on both sides & will post it on my blog...

Jessica http://weavingrainbow.com

11:27 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

PS: Welcome to the blog world!!

11:29 AM  

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