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Saturday, August 05, 2006

I won a contest!

Earlier this week Norma had a contest to help her daughter Abigail come up with a mnemonic to help her studying for the LSAT. There were over a hundred entries, and she picked mine as one of the winners. I'm way more excited than I should be over this! There were prizes offered, but I couldn't decide so I told Norma to surprise me!

Just in case you think ALL I do is knit - I do sometimes go play with our dog, Macha. Here's proof:

I know, it doesn't look much like playing - looks more like just laying there looking pretty. But she is 10, after all. The play comes in small spurts, with lots of resting in between. But she does love to fetch sticks in the water to cool off:

She's part border collie, which really shows when she's stalking something about to be thrown (frisbee, stick, whatever).

But of course, I have also been knitting. I've made great progress on the Mystery Stole. I've finished both sides of Clue 4 and have started on Clue 5. As both ends are on the same needle, it's not easy to stretch it out to show the whole pattern, but here it is:

The pattern is lovely - with some really nice detail:

I stil don't have any great photos of the stole though. I'm going to have to recruit my sweetie to help me by holding it while I take the pictures.

I've also started a new garterlac dishcloth.

I love making and using handknit dishcloths. They're quick, easy and a great way to play around with stitch patterns and techniques. Plus, they just work so darn well. I just hope mine doesn't end up being as mouthy as Trek's


Blogger trek said...


The dishcloths are in the laundry right now; we are hopeful that it will tone down some of the attitude and mouthy-ness.
Probably not, though!

1:35 PM  
Anonymous keri said...

your stole is just beautiful, I love the way you're knitting it on both ends at once!

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Rachael said...

Oh, what a cutie-pie in the water!

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Great mnemonic (sp?) and congrats on the contest. The stole looks great. I look forward to seeing it and the dishcloth soon. BTW, my hat is almost done, so hope to show it to you at knitting club on Tuesday.

6:34 PM  

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