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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Crossed Cables and Smelly Yarn

My new Knitpicks Options needle set arrived yesterday, and they're just sitting there, still in the packaging. Why? Because although I have a gazillion ideas of things I want to swatch for and cast on for, I've decided to do some monogamous knitting until my sweetie's sweater is finished. When the sweater got cast aside for other, more lacy endeavours, the back and front were already finished, and one sleeve was on the needles. I'm nearing the end. I have one sleeve finished, and the second sleeve almost finished - I'm at the saddle. When alas, I noticed this on the first sleeve:

Don't see it? Maybe some arrows will help

Yes, the dreaded mis-crossed cable. I was knitting this while watching Season 1 of Lost on DVD - apparently something grabbed my attention at that point. Oh well, at least it's only a few inches back on a section that's only 23 stitches wide. It won't take my too long to redo. Then I need to block the pieces, sew it all together, and do the neckline. Then I get to play with new things. Yippee!

When I ordered the needles, I threw in 3 balls of Knitpicks Simple Stripes sock yarn, in the Crayon colourway.

I want to make a baby sweater using self-patterning sock yarn, but I'm not sure that I'll make it with this. First, it's not very soft. And who wants a rough baby sweater. Second, it stinks. Horribly. When I pick up a ball of yarn, I always touch it and then sniff it. I don't even realize that I'm doing it - but I always seem to be smelling yarn. And this yarn is really yucky smelling. I definitely can't make a stinky baby sweater, regardless of how cute it is. I'll swatch it and wash the swatch and then decide. If washing makes it softer and nicer smelling, I'll go ahead with the sweater as planned - else, back to the drawing board.


Anonymous Paula said...

Your sweetie is going to have a lovely sweater, and then you can try out your new needles. I just got a set last week and I am relieved to say that I really like them. I am using the 8.0 mm tips and one of the longer cords (40") that I ordered along with the set, to knit Youngest Child a poncho. Those pointy tips are so nice for doing M1's! They also make a lovely sound when they clink together.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Norma said...

Whoa, you are a brave woman to attempt cables during LOST. It is only very simple knitting for me during that show! That sweater is going to be marvelous, and good for you for being monogamous with it. I should try that with my projects!

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Suzan said...

I'm still waiting for your witty comment..... :-)

12:25 PM  
Blogger Leanne said...

Um, Suzan, that IS my witty comment. Lame, I know, but if you can come up with something wittier, I'd be glad to hear it :-)

6:32 AM  

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