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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just how long is the trip from Ottawa to Zurich?

Is it long enough to:

- sew the shoulder seams on the baby sweater
- Knit the neckband
- knit the button band
- rip out the button band after deciding you don't like the colour you chose
- re-knit the button band in a different colour
- knit the buttonhole band- sew both arms to the body
- sew the side and underarm seams
- rip out the buttonhole band after realizing that you only bought 3 buttons, and not 4
- make a decision on whether to spend layover in Zurich button shopping, or to go with 3 buttons
- re-knit the buttonhole band with 3 holes
- sew on the buttons
- weave in all the ends
- attach a little "Handknit by Leanne" tag (printed before I left home)

Hell, yeah!

I didn't sleep on the plane, but I have a day room in Zurich (where I am writing this) so there's plenty of time to sleep in the morning. I have 16 hours in Zurich before another night flight.

But the sweater is finished. Although I won't be giving the gift until tomorrow, I didn't want to wait until the very last minute (!) and finish it on my second consecutive night flight. I decided that was a recipe for disaster, so I aimed to have it finished before arriving in Zurich so I could give it a final quick steam (I had blocked the pieces at home before I left) courtesy of the hotel ironing room (after a nap, of course)

So, after deciding to knit this thing on Saturday, I knit the back on Saturday, the two fronts on Sunday, Wet-blocked those pieces, knit one arm on Monday evening, the second arm on Tuesday evening, steam blocked both of those on Wednesday morning and did all the finishing on the bus to Montreal and the flight to Zurich. Whew! Nothing like a tight deadline to motivate you.

Addition: It's now two days later (Saturday). The sweater has been delivered to the receipient (well, to the Dad of the recipient - the little guy's a bit young to have met me at the airport). He promised me a picture of the baby wearing
the sweater - so hopefully I'll have that to show soon.


Anonymous Paula said...

Thank goodness baby sweaters are samll. So where are you now? Any potential for interesting foreign yarn acquisition?

12:39 PM  
Blogger Leanne said...

I'm in Southern Africa. And nope, no yarn to be had, unfortunately.

3:36 PM  

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