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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To graft or not to graft

I haven't had a lot of knitting-related stuff to blog about lately. I have a couple of new FOs (a hat for me and a hat for Rabbitch's Hat Challenge, but one still needs blocking and both need to be photographed, and I haven't gotten to that yet.

I still haven't been inspired about any major projects (though I have a couple of things in mind now - it's just a matter of buying the yarn), so I started on a striped Tomten sweater for Dulaan, which inadvertently gave me something to blog about.

Yesterday evening, I was happily knitting along, had the bottom part and the two top fronts finished, and was working on the top back, when I noticed this.

I had knit the second top front on the bus while chatting with someone, which apparently renders me unable to count to four.

What to do, what to do? Well, I figured I had three choices. I could...

a) ignore it
b) rip out the rows to that point and re-do
c) unravel the stitches at that point, add another two rows (to make one ridge) and graft it back together.

a) was out of the question. Not me. Couldn't do it. b) seemed like the logical choice. After all, it was only 36 rows of 14 stitches each. That wouldn't take long. But then, where would be the fun in that.

Lately, I'm really enjoying trying new things in knitting. On the hat I just finished (photo to come, I promise) I did an applied i-cord around the edges just because I had never done it before. As the kind of repair involved in c) is something I've never done before, it was clearly the right thing to do.

So I started to take it out:

and I knit the missing rows:

and then attempted to graft it back together (attempt being the operative word):

As you can see, I had limited success. I got the hang of it about halfway through the row. The other half of the row is a mess, and the whole thing is off by a stitch. But it was getting to late to rip it out and try again. So I left it like that, and I will try again today.

Will I be successful? Or will I give up and just re-knit the thing? Stay tuned.


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