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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

From sweater to sweater

A couple of months ago I was in Value Village and picked up a few sweaters with a plan to unravel them and use them for Dulaan knitting (and there's one or two that I may use to make gloves and/or hats for myself. So far, I have one and a half unraveled, and have started using the yarn from the first one. I took pictures of these two before I unraveled them, but the pictures seem to have disappeared. I think I deleted all the photos on my camera thinking I had downloaded them all, when in fact I hadn't done so. So I don't have any "before" pictures.

Sweater #1 was a hand-knit, bulky sweater in beige, light brown and dark brown. It was kinda ugly, but beautifully knit (the seaming and weaving in of ends were impeccable!). I thought it was wool when I picked it up, but on testing upon getting it home, I think it is more likely acrylic (albeit a good acrylic) or a wool-acrylic blend. It definitely is not feltable. I tried the burn test, but the result was (to me) inconclusive - it didn't really match any of the descriptions I've read (which is why I'm suspecting a blend - though I haven't done it enough to really know what I'm looking for).

The first thing I've made from this yarn is a child-sized scaled down version of the raglan sweater from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears.

I'm not sure what size this is - the chest is 27" around. I'm sure it will fit someone (again, the beauty of knitting for Dulaan). The more EZ stuff I make, the more I want to try. I just love her approach. I need to get more of her books. I have Knitting without Tears and Knitter's Almanac. The others are now on my must-buy list.

Next, I combined one strand of the beige with one strand of Paton's Classic Wool in grey (leftover from another project) and made a Norma's Double-Thick Super-Warm Dulaan Hat.

This pattern couldn't be easier. It's simple, mindless knitting at it's best. Now, when Norma made this hat, she used one strand of worsted and one strand of DK held together. I used one strand of chunky (or bulky, who knows) and one strand of worsted, and needles probably slightly smaller than I could have used. This sucker is thick. It totally stands up on its own. And the 2 layers of gathered knitting at the top means that the top couple of inches are taken up by knitting. But it's warm, so it will be part of my Dulaan package. Another time though, I won't make it quite so thick.

So this hat completes the 5 projects I promised when signed up for Ryan's Dulaan 10,000 or Bust drive. Will it be the last? Hell no. There will be more, for sure.


Blogger stitch-dom said...

I love that sweater...should fit a child in the 8-12 age range nicely I would think...usually its sleeve and body length rather than chest that is an issue with kids (all that damned growing you know...). Congrats on your Dulaan projects. I didn't get involved this year, hopefully next year will be less hectic.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Paula said...

Excellent use of thrifted yarn! I have a bunch of sweaters scored at VV with similar intentions in mind but have yet to ravel any of them. Maybe over the holidays.

11:54 PM  
Blogger dephal said...

I'm sure someone is going to treasure that sweater and hat, and will stay nice and warm in them!

2:30 PM  

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