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Friday, December 29, 2006

More on knit gifts

In order to avoid writing a humongous post on December 31 to get through my whole list of bloggy items, I'm going to do a really quick one this morning, before I leave for work. It's so quiet in the office, nobody will really notice if I'm just a wee bit later than usual. Except my manager, who is currently on vacation, who occasionally reads my blog. So Jon, if you're reading this, pretend you didn't, okay? And have a great vacation. Everything is fine at work - no big crisis or anything :-). Maybe I should redecorate your office like we did last April Fool's Day. That would be fun.

Okay, back to knitting stuff. To continue yesterday's theme of knitting gifts.... I have already mentioned that I don't celebrate Christmas, but despite that, I managed to snag myself not one, but two gift cards to my LYS, Yarn Forward. The first was from my colleague Bev who drew my name for our work gift exchange. While we were drawing names, I might have said something like "to whoever draws my name, something knitting-related would me most welcome". Just maybe. And Bev came through with a yarn store gift card. Yippee!. And then my friend Suzan asked me to check in on her cat while she is away for the holidays. The first day I arrived, I found another gift card from the same store as a thank you gift from her and Winkler (her cat). Of course, I had to bring Winkler a little something too:

A couple of mice using different weights of leftover yarn (the one on the left is two different strands of sock yarn, the one on the right is one strand of chunky yarn). I miss having kitties to "help me" knit, so it was fun making a these little mice for him. Given the size difference - one looks more like a rat compared to the other. I used this pattern. Extremely quick knits.


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