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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some really quick gift ideas

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't "do" Christmas. I really hate the commercialization and hype of it all. I hate how it has become the "holiday season" to not offend non-Christians. Or, more likely, it has become the "holiday season" to attract non-Christians into the gift-buying frenzy. I completely agree with Christians who want to put the "Christ" back in "Christmas". I would love it to revert back to a religious holiday instead of a commercial one. Perhaps then I wouldn't get bombarded by the whole "buy more" frenzy every time I walk into a store or turn on the TV or listen to the radio. I decided years ago that, to me, Christmas would become a Christian holiday. And since I'm not a Christian, I don't celebrate it. That works for me. I prefer to give presents for no particular reason than because I feel I have to.

Thus, my holiday gift-giving is limited to a couple of very low-key gift exchanges at get-togethers. For one of these, I decided to do a collection of nice soaps and some knit washclo
ths to go along with them. These were all super-quick and fun to make.

First up is a really cute little soap bag. I saw this over on this post at "I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can" Directions can be found here.

I used a worsted weight cotton (Bernat Handicrafter). The soap bar I used is not terribly big, so I only needed 20 stitches to make the right size. It's really quick and easy.

Next up, is a ripple washcloth, with an i-cord tie to make a fancy presentation:

I was about to make a crochet chain to tie it up, like in the soap bag, but then got inspired to do something fancier. So I made an i-cord and ended it with a bobble (which I just kind of winged by increasing in every stitch over two rows, then cutting the yarn and threading it through all of the stitches). On the other end, I folded the i-cord over to make a loop and sewed it.

The cloth itself is the same diagonal ripple-stitch dishcloth I made for my mother (which begs the question, when does a dishcloth become a face cloth. The way I see it - if you give it as a gift with a nice bar of soap, it's a face cloth. If you was the dishes with it, it becomes a dishcloth. It's that easy!).

I love the look of these, so I've made a couple more. I have the pattern written up (and charted), so I'll be posting that shortly.

And finally, I made a scrubby, well, because it's cute:

This is much simpler than it looks. The pattern I used is "Dishcloth Duo" which is a .pdf file I found on
Knitting Pattern Central, with a few modifications. I used 10 more stitches than the pattern called for, and a few more rows. I used two colours, alternating every two ridges (four rows). After making the three pieces, I still had yarn left over (from 1 ball of burgundy and 1 ball of white Bernat Handicrafter) so I decided to make a white washcloth with a burgundy i-cord tie to complete the set. I ran short of the white with just a few rows to go. So I'll be picking up another ball of white today, so I can finish that one off. Then need to find a nice little basket or bowl to put them all in, and the gift will be complete.

I showed these at the Guild meeting on Monday. It was my first "show and tell". At the guild meeting, I was sitting with a lovely group of women, and during a discussion of calf sizes for socks, discovered that Su and I were wearing matching socks!

Mine are longer, have a picot-edge and ribbing on the foot and leg. Su's are shorter and only have the ribbing on the leg. As you can see as well, the stripes go in opposite directions. Mine were made toe-up, so it would appear that Su made hers top-down. So our socks are cousins, but there is a clear family resemblance! The yarn is Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy. I love these socks.


Blogger Dave said...

Very cool cloth -- that's a great stitch pattern.

Matching socks - ha!! What are the chances, eh. :-)

8:59 PM  

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