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Saturday, December 23, 2006

They should include a warning label

On Wednesday evening I went to Knit Night at the Bridgehead in the Glebe. Despite it being only a few days before Christmas, there was a good crowd there (10ish, I believe). As always, it was a lovely evening, with lots of laughs. Every time I go to a Knit Night, I bring my camera, but never take pictures. Until this week. I almost left without my camera, but threw it in my bag last minutes. I was glad I had it, so I could capture this little gem:

Sarah was working on the socks she tells about in this entry. She was knitting them on 2 circs, and suddenly realized that the dangling needle had found an, ummm, interesting resting place.

Good thing those needles weren't any sharper - she might have punctured something :-)


Anonymous Sarahfish said...

And I'll have you know I finished them yesterday, in time, and delivered them today! Woohoo!!

Funny, the photo doesn't look quite as, er, risqué as it felt!

10:22 PM  

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